Free set of Atlas OFC ‘jumper’ links (RRP £150) with Hyper Achromatic 1.5, 2.5 & 3.5 speaker cables. Find out more →

Eos. Clean power is the foundation for ultimate system performance.

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The Eos Power Management System has been designed to let you hear what your system’s really capable of. Eos cables and Eos Modular distribution blocks are available in UK 13A, Schuko & Nema variants.

Used with our innovative Grun Coherent Earth System, Eos products form part of a fully integrated approach to preventing RFI and EMI ‘noise’ polluting the signal and inhibiting optimum sound quality.

Eos Modular 2.5 Power Distribution Block →

Your cable. Your choice.

You can purchase Atlas speaker cables from our Element, Equator and Hyper ranges* configured in a number of ways from your preferred local or online dealer.

  • Choose one of our DIY kits
  • Choose custom-made locally
  • Choose factory-terminated

*excludes bi-wire configurations

Factory pre-built by Atlas.

Built-to-Order by Dealer.

DIY Kit. Do It Yourself.

Atlas. Designed and engineered in Scotland.

Atlas. The performance connection.

Performance is everything. In search of outstanding performance from entry level to ‘high-end,’ we research, test, measure and listen. Many of our products have gathered extensive praise and multiple awards over the years, becoming best-sellers around the world. We continually refine our design and manufacturing processes, always looking for ways to make sure our customers get the best possible performance from their systems.

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