Ground Zero.*

Less Noise. More Music. Zero Cost.

Mavros Grun Summer Promotion.

Low-level ‘noise’ is increasingly a major issue limiting the performance of your audio system. Not directly audible as hiss or interference but low levels of RFI (radio frequency) and EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and noise on the signal ground all subtly modulate and degrade the overall noise level and dynamics.

Our Grun Coherent Earthing System addresses this. All our Grun-enabled products include a basic Grun spade tag ground adapter, but optimum performance levels are available via the more advanced Grun options.

*We’re including some of these with featured Mavros Grun products at zero cost to you. We think that’s worth making some noise about.

Offer 1

Mavros USB

Mavros Grun USB

Purchase our new Mavros Grun USB cable and receive a free Grun mains adapter worth £145.

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Offer 2

Mavros USB

Mavros Grun Ultra RCA

Purchase a Mavros Grun Ultra RCA and receive a Grun power adapter + Grun 1:2 cable (1.5m length) worth £315.

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Offer 3

Mavros USB

Mavros Grun Speaker

Purchase Mavros Grun speaker cables and receive a Grun power adapter + 2 Grun 1:1 cables (1.5m length) worth £387.

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Prices are RRP inclusive of VAT as per our current UK price list (as at 23.5.2019).
Offer available from participating authorised Atlas dealers, offer expires 9 September 2019.

UK Dealers

Analogue Seduction ◦ Fanthorpes HiFi ◦ FutureShop ◦ Hifonix ◦ Holburn HiFi ◦ Glasgow Audio ◦ Nintronics ◦ Soundcraft

International Distributors

Contact the Atlas distributor in these countries for dealer info:
Austria ◦ Australia ◦ Chile ◦ China ◦ Finland ◦ France ◦ Greece ◦ Indonesia ◦ Russia

For contact details please refer to our full dealer and distributor information.

atlas luxe logotype

Luxe. A new generation of ‘high-end’ products in a range of bespoke luxury finishes from Atlas.

Our exclusive combination of precision audio engineering & traditional leather craftsmanship.

Our Luxe finishes are available on Asimi, Mavros, Ascent & Eos Superior products.

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Latest News Updates

Hong Kong AV Show

August 2019

Atlas at the Hong Kong International Audio Show.

We’ll be demonstrating an extensive range of Atlas products with our local partner Music Icon Cube at the Show being held at the International Conference Centre, August 9-11th. See us in Booth D07, also in Room X24.

Along with our existing product ranges, there may also be some surprises at this year’s event.

HiFi Choice

July 2019

An enthusiastic review from HiFi Choice of our entry level Eos dd power cable.

“This makes it a great upgrade from many low-cost mains leads boxed with equipment.”

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Mavros Tonearm & Turntable

June 2019

Mavros Ultra RCA Tonearm & Turntable cables.

Our entry into the field of ‘high-end’ vinyl replay. These new OCC cables are based on our highly successful Mavros interconnects.

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Munich High End 2019

May 2019

We announced a number of forthcoming new products at Munich, including a preview of our first streaming audio cables.

Plus a number of manufacturers were using Atlas products in their demonstration systems, including Dynaudio, Linn and PMC.

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Atlas design and manufacture in the UK.

Our engineering expertise is applied not just to making better products, but ensuring our products are superbly made, in the UK.

Most of our cables use our latest generation ‘cold-weld’ connectors, which optimises the cable assembly process, producing consistent, metal-to-metal airtight terminations. The result is superb performance and greater reliability, in turn supported by our 5 year guarantee. To complement our existing ‘Integra’ and ‘Ultra’ low mass/wideband phono plugs, we’ve recently introduced our ‘Metik’ connectors on a new range of cables developed for high-end personal audio devices and our ‘Transpose’ modular termination system for speaker cables.

The same thought, research and attention to detail is applied to every Atlas product.

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