Introducing our new Achromatic plugs.

our ‘next generation’ low-mass, cold-weld, precision connectors.

Featured on Element, Equator, Hyper, and Ailsa products.

Be sure to try and hear them before you hand over your money for anything else.

The Ear, February 2021
featured product: analogue

Atlas’ next generation Achromatic connectors.
Building on the strong foundation of our Integra plugs, the Achromatic RCA & Z connectors feature calibrated, ultra-precise cold-weld (solderless) connection, a reduction in mass & contact resistance, superior conductivity – and most importantly, improved sound quality.

What you’re actually hearing is more of your music being conveyed from source to amp.

HiFi World, January 2021

Please see the ‘Connectors’ page in our Technical Library for more.

Why ‘Achromatic?’
It’s simple really. No cable should ever add anything of its own to the sound of your system. The cable’s function is to minimise information loss in the transferred signal. If the sound is modified, or data is lost, then effectively the cable is adding its own ‘colouration’ to the sound.
The connector is a key part of any cable’s performance. Our Achromatic connectors are designed to have minimal impact on the signal. Nothing added, nothing taken away; Achromatic (adjective) : without colour.

There is no doubt in my mind the updated Hyper speaker cable range represents a significant stride forward, and it’s impressive to see the advances that Atlas has managed to bring to the range.

HiFi And Music Source, January 2021

Please see the ‘Design Objectives’ page in our Technical Library for more.

featured product
featured product: digital

Why ‘cold-weld?’
Our preferred crimped termination method ensures an effective, consistent, connection – a meticulously calibrated process, utilising our own custom-designed tool – which ensures the inevitable variations caused by human error are avoided.
Furthermore, a direct metal to metal cold-weld avoids continuity breaks and potential distortion of a cable’s shielding screen which can cause issues with impedance problems and lead to compromised performance.

This lack of artifice makes a good change from any number of alternative cables that seem determined to make an overt mark on the sound of a system.

HiFi Plus, March 2021

Please see the ‘Connectors’ page in our Technical Library for more.

Excellence as standard on all new Element, Equator, Hyper, and Ailsa products.
Our Achromatic RCA & Z plugs are now fitted as standard on all new Element, Equator, Hyper, and Ailsa analogue interconnects, digital interconnects, stereo and bi-wire speaker cables, as well as our Metik cables designed for portable audio devices (typically using 3.5mm—RCA connections).

featured product

Atlas. Designed and engineered in Scotland.

Atlas. The performance connection.

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