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Element sc USB (Type A to B connector)

The new generation of our acclaimed Element, with a solid core copper conductor, designed to provide high quality performance from computer audio sources. Typically used to connect a Mac, PC or streamer to the DAC or digital input in your hifi system.

A digital interconnect specifically developed to meet the requirements of USB as a high-performance audio interface.

The traditional view of USB requires nothing more than the transfer of data from one device to another. While that’s essentially true for a printer or hard drive, it turns out to be an overly simplistic view when considering USB in the context of high quality audio.

The latest generation of our hugely popular Element USB cable is the Element sc (solid core) USB. Through extensive testing, Atlas found that the use of solid core silver-plated copper conductors covered in low-loss foamed polyethylene delivered the most consistent performance for the data streams. The use of solid core conductors reduces internal data reflections between each strand of each conductor, and allows for the exact measurement of each twisted pair, meaning that all data transmitted along the cable reaches the receiver at exactly the same time, reducing ‘jitter’ (noise) and improving audio performance.

Combined with newly developed triple-screening and hefty power & ground conductors, plus unique Atlas-designed connector plugs, the sc USB is engineered to maintain consistent cable impedance. Both technically and sonically, the sc USB cable achieves ‘best in class’ performance.

Technology & Specifications

Connector Type

USB Type A

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Conductor Material


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Dielectric Material


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Solid Core

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ConstructionSolid Core (Data), Multi-core (Power)
MaterialSilver-Plated OFC (Data), OFC (Power)
DielectricPEF (Data), SR PVC (Power)
ScreenOFC, 85%
ShieldingTriple 100% Mylar™( Data)
Outside Diameter5.5mm

What The Experts Say…

Recent Reviews

  • HiFi World

    Element USB

    Providing excellent performance for the price, the performance envelope offers plenty of potential for higher resolution files.

    Providing a reassuringly attentive playback that retains a distinct authority over potentially errant digital frequencies, the Element USB offers great value for money.

  • Media

    Element USB

    …the Atlas Element USB is a spectacular performer at a beer-budget price. As such, it comes heartily recommended.

    Some of the competing cables stood out because of one particular strength – their dynamic compass, their bass agility, their instrumental texture, vibrant tonal colour or suchlike. The Element brought all these strengths and more to the party …

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