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Our most advanced copper speaker cable, available as a conventional stereo pair, 2–4 configuration or 4–4 version suitable for biwiring.

Our bespoke LUXE finish options are available on this product,

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A superior speaker cable suitable for ‘high-end’ audio systems.

Mavros uses very high purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper conductors. The OCC process is named after professor Atsumi Ohno, who in the late 1970s, discovered that by heating the drawing mould to a higher temperature than the molten copper you intend to cast, then cooling it soon after, the result is one long, high purity (99.9997%) metal crystal.

These high-purity monocrystal conductors are used in a multi-stranded layout, wrapped in individual low-loss microporous PTFE (Teflon™) insulators, and twisted to help lower electromagnetic interference. The four separate conductors are then wrapped in cotton, an additional layer paper, then wraps the assembly in PVC and shrouds it in an outer black cotton sleeve.

In the bi-wire 2–2 and 2–4 configurations, two additional solid conductors are dedicated to the mid/high frequencies, facilitating a more stable and open stereo image.

This obsessive attention to detail – and the combination of materials & assembly methods which was only finalised after exhaustive testing – produces a cable which HiFi World’s reviewer described as‘ the best he’d ever heard’ and HiFi Plus summarised as ‘one of the very, very best. ’

Our goal to make cables which have no discernable character or sound of their own, which would in itself be a form of distortion – Mavros is engineered to ‘disappear’ in your system, leaving the performance of your equipment to speak for itself. It should be noted though that Mavros requires a ‘burn-in’ period during which the sound will continue to improve.


Coherent Earthing System.

An independent system earth engineered to reduce the RFI and EMI ‘noise’ which frequently degrades audio performance.

Transpose Modular Termination System

This cable is fitted as standard with the Transpose Modular Termination System, which allows easy switching between expanding 4mm connectors, spade and Z-plugs as your requirements change.

Expanding 4mm plugs are the standard configuration, please specify at time of purchase if you require an alternative connector. Alternative connector kits are available from your Atlas dealer.

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Technology & Specifications

Connector Type


Modular Termination System

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Conductor Material

OCC Copper

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Dielectric Material


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Multi-core + Solid Core

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ConstructionMulti-core LF/MF, Solid core HF (1.5mm)
DielectricMicroporous PTFE
ScreenBraid & Mylar™
Capacitance111.14 pF/m
Inductance0.3412 µH/m
Resistance0.0035 Ohm/m
Outside Diameter10.22mm

What The Experts Say…

Recent Reviews

  • HiFi News


    These Mavros cables from Atlas have the uncanny ability to sound fast yet relaxed, detailed yet refined, fluid yet composed.

    Naturally, Atlas recommends the use of its Mavros interconnects with its Mavros speaker cable. With both in place the system took on a whole new dimension, offering greater space, depth, dynamics and fluidity. These new Mavros cables from Atlas have the uncanny ability to sound fast yet relaxed, detailed yet refined, fluid yet composed.

  • HiFi Plus


    …extremely detailed and extraordinarily neutral; all of the things you want from a cable with none of the things you don’t.

    It’s hard not to be seriously impressed with Atlas’ Asimi and Mavros pairing. These are two of the very, very best. Plus, it’s good to find a truly UK high-end offering. Atlas is definitely on the high-end map!

  • HiFi Choice


    The Mavros produces a natural perspective on music, sounding authoritative and open, offering fine insight without appearing clinically detailed.

    Once run-in, it gives a balanced presentation that’s exceptionally easy on the ear.

  • HiFi World


    One of the truly great cables currently on the market. This is the best set of speaker cables that I’ve ever heard.

    A quite astonishing speaker cable that provides an open, clear and dynamic performance.

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