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Asimi Luxe

Our ‘ultimate’ OCC speaker cable. Performance without compromise.

Our bespoke LUXE finish options are available on this product,

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A reference class pure silver speaker cable engineered for the world’s finest audio systems.

Asimi uses very high purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) silver conductors. The OCC process is named after professor Atsumi Ohno, who in the late 1970s, discovered that by heating the drawing mould to a higher temperature than the molten copper you intend to cast, then cooling it soon after, the result is one long, high purity (99.99997%) metal crystal. Criticism of silver cables as generally ‘bright’ are in fact the result of impurities and grain in the inferior conductors used.

The Asimi’s high-purity monocrystal conductors are arranged in a complex multi-stranded layout, with each cable leg composed of 3 pairs of solid conductors (two pairs plus one pair), totalling 5.5mm² – an unusually high figure, given the cost of this purity of silver.

In most silver cables, the conductor size is compromised to reduce cost –but which explains why some critics suggest silver cables offer the listener very sweet highs but no weight or authority at low frequencies. That’s certainly not true of the Asimi, with several reviewers commenting on the sense of physical presence conveyed.

Our focus was also on the coating that insulates and protects the silver. The Asimi has these conductors enveloped in our microporous Teflon dielectric. This new air-spaced material improves on the performance of the best solid Teflon or PTFE (Teflon™) insulators, by providing a 30% greater signal velocity and superior integrity, particularly in high frequency delivery. This is achieved because the new material has a dielectric constant of around 1.5 (the lower the number the better), significantly better than the 2.1 typically achieved by the PTFE (Teflon™) insulators which were previously the best available in these applications.

This obsessive attention to detail – and the combination of materials & assembly methods which was only finalised after exhaustive testing – produces a cable which HiFi World’s reviewer described as‘ the best he’d ever heard’ and HiFi Plus summarised as ‘one of the very, very best. ’

Our goal to make cables which have no discernable character or sound of their own, which would in itself be a form of distortion – Asimi is engineered to ‘disappear’ in your system, conveying the performance of your equipment with total transparency. It should be noted though that Asimi requires a ‘burn-in’ period during which the sound will continue to improve.


Coherent Earthing System.

An independent system earth engineered to reduce the RFI and EMI ‘noise’ which frequently degrades audio performance.

Transpose Modular Termination System

This cable is fitted as standard with the Transpose Modular Termination System, which allows easy switching between expanding 4mm connectors, spade and Z-plugs as your requirements change.

Expanding 4mm plugs are the standard configuration, please specify at time of purchase if you require an alternative connector. Alternative connector kits are available from your Atlas dealer.

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Technology & Specifications

Connector Type


Modular Termination System

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Conductor Material

OCC Silver

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Dielectric Material


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Solid Multi-core

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ConstructionSolid multicore
MaterialOCC pure silver
DielectricMicroporous PTFE
ScreenBraid & Mylar™
Capacitance34.06 pF/m
Inductance0.529 µH/m
Resistance0.0046 Ohms/m
Outside Diameter17.5mm

What The Experts Say…

Recent Reviews

  • HiFi World 5 Globe Review

    Asimi Luxe Ultra RCA & Speaker Cables

    While the Asimi cables are excellent, they are truly transformed in sonic terms when the ‘Grun’ (ground) cables are added.

    The fact that various types of termination are offered for those Grun cables means that you can experiment to see what variant works best for your hi-fi system to hone the cables in order to get the very best from them. The end result is quite delightful as the Grun system produces a balanced sound quality, rich in clarity.

  • HiFi World 5 Globe Review

    Asimi ‘Grun’ Luxe

    OUTSTANDING – amongst the best.
    VERDICT – If your system warrants it these cables could be just the combination to take it to another level.

    The Atlas Asimis are expensive but they are superbly constructed and, most importantly, have a gravitas few others can match.

  • HFN Editor's Choice

    Asimi ‘Grun’ Luxe

    There’s no veil-lifting, jaw-dropping Damascene moment but you will find its ease-of-listening, its resolution of subtle details and dynamic shading creep up on the corners of your consciousness.

    While many exotic cables will illuminate the musical soundstage, Atlas’ Asimi Luxe is far subtler.

  • HiFi News


    If you can justify the cost within the context of your system, Asimi silver cables are among the finest money can buy.

    This speaker cable sounds highly transparent with powerful, textured bass and brilliant treble with not a hint of grain despite its explicit etching of fine detail. Highly revealing, it will ensure the best possible performance from system components and is fully deserving of reference status.

  • HiFi Plus


    This sense of physical presence and boldness marks it out from the crowd, but so does the complete absence of grain or glare…

    Asimi is undeniably very special, though not necessarily in quite the way I had expected. Sonically it is a fine grain cable, in some respects very like Nordost Valhalla, with which it shares some properties, though its construction could hardly be more different. It has real heft and weight…

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