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  • HiFiandMusicSource

    Mavros Grun USB

    Overall this is a fabulous sound, and it is a privilege for me to listen to this set-up.

    It is pretty clear with a decent source (24 bit mainly, a bit of Tidal Masters) that the Atlas Grun is presenting an absolute crystal clear signal to the Empyrean headphones that is beyond that I’ve heard before.

  • HiFi Choice Recommended

    Mavros Grun USB

    …demonstrates superb accuracy of the instrument placement within the soundstage. The realism is impressive while the musicality is quite gripping.

    Although the price is on the high side, this is a well-made USB cable that is worthy of consideration for any high-end system.

  • HiFi World

    Element USB

    Providing excellent performance for the price, the performance envelope offers plenty of potential for higher resolution files.

    Providing a reassuringly attentive playback that retains a distinct authority over potentially errant digital frequencies, the Element USB offers great value for money.

  • HiFi Choice

    Element USB

    …the Atlas Element USB is a spectacular performer at a beer-budget price. As such, it comes heartily recommended.

    Some of the competing cables stood out because of one particular strength – their dynamic compass, their bass agility, their instrumental texture, vibrant tonal colour or suchlike. The Element brought all these strengths and more to the party …

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