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  • Part Time Audiophile

    Eos Modular 4.0 (reviewed in context of our system-wide Grun Earthing System as integrated with our Eos power distribution and Mavros cables).

    Separately, these products all work. Together they are formidable.

    My first test, leaning my ear up to the speakers as I turned up the volume (with no music playing, of course), yielded the same uncanny feeling of complete silence, as if something in my system still needed to be switched on.

    The genius of the Atlas Cables Grun Coherent Earthing System and the Mavros cables and the EOS is the integration of the system into both cables and a power strip/distribution block, items that are generally costly. The Grun system has an edge because it’s such a holistic approach, not to mention an economical one.

  • HiFi Choice

    Eos dd

    …a great upgrade from many low-cost mains leads boxed with equipment.

    The silences between musical phrases are inky black, highlighting the very low noise floor with the Eos dd cable installed.

  • HiFi & Music Source

    Eos Modular 4.0

    in the modern Olympic world of marginal gains for improved high end performance, Atlas Cables appears to have delivered an advantage in power mains distribution.

    With my Naim NAC-N 272 and NAP 250 the Eos Modular 4.0 Six-Way delivers real audio improvement for my system and I would not hesitate to recommend the upgrade to those who have the means to invest in their HiFi. Remarkable.

  • HiFi Choice

    Eos Modular 4.0

    The Eos Modular 4.0 is very effective and, although rather pricy compared with its competitors, it provides excellent results.

    A recording of concertos from Telemann’s Tafelmusik collection highlights the improvements in the dynamic range and expressiveness of the performance that I can detect with this unit installed.

  • HiFi Choice

    Eos 4dd

    In summary, this is a really well-made mains cable that can be used with all items of audio equipment to great effect.

    Using the Eos 4dd to connect the power supply of my preamp and phono stage to the mains, I find everything is whisper-quiet and there is certainly no evidence of invasive mains-borne noise getting into my sensitive phono stage.

  • HiFi Pig

    Eos Mains Block & Power Cables

    It’s in no doubt in my mind that the Atlas Eos and its associated power cables have an impact upon the sound by adding it to your system. (Eos products reviewed as part of a complete Atlas-wired system).

    I think if you have never used mains blocks/filters/conditioners before then bringing this to the table will bring pleasing results.

  • HiFi World

    Eos 4dd

    A quality mains cable that will help bring more depth and definition from your system. The results easily justify the price.

    Compared to a number of other power cables –; from a standard freebie to after-market models costing up to £300 – the Eos consistently impressed me with the way it opened up the sound and seemed to extend the frequency range.

  • HiFi Choice

    Eos 4

    The cable itself, like most Atlas products, is a well built, handsome yet unshowy design.

    Compared to a Chord Company ‘Power Chord,’ the Atlas proved considerably ahead in timing and sounded obviously clearer, which was an impressive result considering the Chord is one of the best of its type.

  • HiFi World

    Eos 2.0

    This cable is well thought-out and made, and produces a performance that once listened to, you will not want to be without.

    I also compared it with other similarly priced leads that I have around the house, and I was particularly impressed with the smooth and intimate detailing to the mid range and treble. It wasn’t a sudden ‘oh wow’ difference, but I realised that I was becoming aware of a bit of extra shape and texture to instruments and vocals that had previously passed me by…

  • HiFi Plus

    Eos 2.0

    The Eos works to make the sound a little more smooth and refined through EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference) control.

    The Eos works to make the sound a little more smooth and refined through EMI control. This is something altogether needed in most ‘bathed in wifi’ systems with all manner of computer parts potentially gumming up the power socket.

  • Media

    Eos 4 Way Mains Block

    The Atlas was found to be an excellent performer on audition, with fine timing, real tunefulness in the bass and a very clear and open midrange.

    High frequencies were also superb, with sparkle, smoothness and air to all music used – violins, percussion and vocals came out very well, as did the ability to discern complex arrangements within classical music. Expensive, but effective.

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