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    Zeno Harmonic

    The Atlas Zeno Harmonic cable with Grun is, in my view, as good as transparent in this set-up.

    Overall this is a fabulous sound, and it is a privilege for me to listen to this set-up

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    Zeno Headphone Cable

    …focus, clarity, control in the midrange, firm and solid bass…

    There was an agreeable clarity in the overall presentation of the music which gave the music a sense of cleanliness and openness that allowed the music to flow more easily.

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    Zeno Headphone Cable

    This is a serious upgrade for the discerning headphone listener.

    Listening to a direct-to-disc vinyl recording of the Syd Lawrence Orchestra playing Sing Sing Sing, the track really comes alive.

  • Media

    Zeno Headphone Cable

    The HA-2 amplifier is working less hard, indeed I have interestingly had to turn down the volume from the set-up, presumably because the cables are less resistive. But overall this is a real improvement, more detail, a full sound and a nice outcome.

    These Atlas Zeno cables are a must listen if you are serious about your headphones and are a worthy upgrade, if you have the equipment to hear it and the money to fund it! I’m not switching back anytime soon and the distinctive cables look like they may outlive most of my equipment, and me!

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