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  • HiFi Choice Recommended

    Element Integra S/PDIF

    We have definition, a wide-open soundstage, oodles of drive and attack…

    Here’s a (cable) loom less concerned about minding its sonic p’s and q’s that has a winning way with textures and timbres and homes in on the emotional core of the music.

  • The Audiophile Man

    Ascent Ultra S/PDIF

    The Atlas Ascent Ultra is, in my opinion, an essential addition to any digital-sourced hi-fi system.

    When a single cable can manipulate, modify and refocus your music in this way then the ‘mere’ £175 (and I’ve seen it a lot cheaper than that on the Internet) can be viewed as true value for money.

  • HiFi Pig

    Element Optical

    The Element portrays a faithful way to transport your digital signal from the player to the DAC. (Element Optical reviewed as part of a complete Atlas-wired system).

    This is a good budget Optical interconnect from Atlas. It loses very little if anything from the original recording. My own thoughts are that optical cable can add a little warmth or rounded sounds to music per se. That is more about the equipment involved rather than the cable itself.

  • HiFi World

    Mavros S/PDIF

    A quite magnificent digital cable that opens up the soundstage to give your music a breath fresh of air.

    The Atlas provided a heightened clarity that was sincere and, frankly, uplifting in its approach to the music. Upper mids were magnificent in their presentation, being detailed and perceptive in their make-up.

  • HiFi World

    Element USB

    Providing excellent performance for the price, the performance envelope offers plenty of potential for higher resolution files.

    Providing a reassuringly attentive playback that retains a distinct authority over potentially errant digital frequencies, the Element USB offers great value for money.

  • HiFi Choice

    Element USB

    …the Atlas Element USB is a spectacular performer at a beer-budget price. As such, it comes heartily recommended.

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