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Eos Superior Power Cable

Ensuring a clean power supply is a fundamental step in optimising the performance of sophisticated audio & home cinema systems. Clean, quality power necessitates cables highly-resistant to external interference and noise on the mains – some of which can be actually generated by your equipment and cables themselves.

Our bespoke LUXE finish options are available on this product,

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The Eos Superior Power Cable uses pure OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast Copper) conductors 4mm² conductors in an all-new advanced multi-layer screened configuration with our dd (dual drain) system and our precision-engineered silver-plated mains plugs and IEC connectors. The Eos Superior is constructed to extremely high standards, all mechanical terminations are damped (as is the cable itself) and particular attention is paid to airtight terminations throughout.

The very best power cables are built around low series resistance, safe and stable dielectrics and high tech screening, the Eos Superior excels in all these areas, delivering exceptional fidelity and superior protection against the threat of RF radiation, eliminating airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth.

The Eos Superior is specifically designed for ‘high-end’ systems and high current draw devices, and is the optimum cable to use between wall socket and our Eos Modular power blocks.

By comparison a typical domestic power lead in comparison, lacks the quality of component parts, screening layers, dual drain system and anti-vibration treatment we employ in Eos. For maximum effectiveness, Eos cables are best used as part of a complete Power Management System.

For a more detailed technical analysis of our power products, please refer to this white paper from our Technical Library.

Eos Modular Power Management System

The Eos Power Management System has been designed to let you hear what your system’s really capable of. Eos cables are available in rhodium-plated UK 13A, Schuko & Nema variants, as is the Eos Modular distribution block.

Your local Atlas dealer/distributor will normally supply Eos products with the appropriate plugs for your country. At the equipment end of the power cable, options are 10A (standard ‘kettle-type’ connector used on most equipment) & 16A (high current, larger format connector) IEC and C7 (‘figure of 8’ connector).
Please specify which type of connector you require on purchase.

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Technology & Specifications

Connector Type

Eos Mains Plug

Modular Termination System

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Conductor Material

OCC Copper

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Dielectric Material


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Triple Multi-core

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ConstructionMulticore, dual drain, double screen
DielectricStabilised PVC
ScreenMultilayer Cu Mylar™ & woven screen
Capacitance195.09 pF/m
Inductance0.377 µH/m
Resistance0.0050 Ohm/m
Outside Diameter15mm

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Recent Reviews

  • Part Time Audiophile

    Eos Modular 4.0 (reviewed in context of our system-wide Grun Earthing System as integrated with our Eos power distribution and Eos & Mavros cables).

    Separately, these products all work. Together they are formidable.

    My first test, leaning my ear up to the speakers as I turned up the volume (with no music playing, of course), yielded the same uncanny feeling of complete silence, as if something in my system still needed to be switched on.

    The genius of the Atlas Cables Grun Coherent Earthing System and the Mavros cables and the EOS is the integration of the system into both cables and a power strip/distribution block, items that are generally costly. The Grun system has an edge because it’s such a holistic approach, not to mention an economical one.

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