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Eos 4dd Power Cable

It’s long been known that the quality of mains power can have a noteable effect on the performance of hifi & home cinema systems. A clean, quality power supply requires cables resistant to external interference and noise on the mains itself.

The Eos 4dd Power Cable uses OFC 4mm² conductors in an aluminium foil screened configuration with our dd (dual drain) system and our precision-engineered mains plug. The 4dd is specifically designed for ‘high-end’ systems and high power devices, and is the optimum cable to use between wall socket and our Eos Modular power block.

Power management is required principally as a result of the increasingly negative impact of electical, radio frequency and electromagnetic noise pollution flooding our homes and daily life. With increasing use of high resolution audio and video content our replay equipment has come under assault by extraneous high energy broad spectrum noise, both airborne and directly induced through the mains supply circuits.

Wi-fi networks, BlueTooth devices, mobile & domestic cordless phones, ‘wallwart’ power adapters, low voltage light bulbs & dimmer switches are among the worst noise-generating culprits.

Eos power cables are sophisticated products designed specifically to allow your equipment to perform properly. Built around high purity low resistance OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), with low series resistance, high-efficiency dielectrics and extensive screening, Eos 4dd cables effectively filter out harmful incoming radio frequency and power contamination, dumping these rapidly to earth.

By comparison a typical domestic power lead in comparison, lacks the quality of component parts, screening layers, dual drain system and anti-vibration treatment we employ in Eos. For maximum effectiveness, Eos cables are best used as part of a complete Power Management System.

For a more detailed technical analysis of our power products, please refer to this white paper from our Technical Library.

Eos Modular Power Management System

The Eos Power Management System has been designed to let you hear what your system’s really capable of. Eos 4dd cables are available in (silver-plated) UK 13A, (rhodium-plated) Schuko & Nema variants, as is the Eos Modular distribution block.

Your local Atlas dealer/distributor will normally supply Eos products with the appropriate plugs for your country. At the equipment end of the power cable, options are 10A (standard ‘kettle-type’ connector used on most equipment) & 16A (high current, larger format connector) IEC and C7 (‘figure of 8’ connector).
Please specify which type of connector you require on purchase.

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Technology & Specifications

Connector Type

Eos Mains Plug

Modular Termination System

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Conductor Material


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Dielectric Material


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Triple Multi-core

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Construction Triple multicore dual drain
DielectricPTFE (Teflon™)
ScreenMylar™, 100%
Capacitance95.09 pF/m
Inductance0.566 µH/m
Resistance0.0045 Ohm/m
Outside Diameter11.2mm

What The Experts Say…

Recent Reviews

  • HiFi Choice

    Eos 4dd

    In summary, this is a really well-made mains cable that can be used with all items of audio equipment to great effect.

    Using the Eos 4dd to connect the power supply of my preamp and phono stage to the mains, I find everything is whisper-quiet and there is certainly no evidence of invasive mains-borne noise getting into my sensitive phono stage.

  • HiFi World

    Eos 4dd

    A quality mains cable that will help bring more depth and definition from your system. The results easily justify the price.

    Compared to a number of other power cables –; from a standard freebie to after-market models costing up to £300 – the Eos consistently impressed me with the way it opened up the sound and seemed to extend the frequency range.

  • HiFi Choice

    Eos 4

    The cable itself, like most Atlas products, is a well built, handsome yet unshowy design.

    Compared to a Chord Company ‘Power Chord,’ the Atlas proved considerably ahead in timing and sounded obviously clearer, which was an impressive result considering the Chord is one of the best of its type.

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