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HiFi Choice

July 2018

A review from HiFi Choice of our latest generation Equator Integra interconnect.

“…These interconnects transmit consistently sophisticated music and represent excellent value for money.”

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Eos Superior power cable

May 2018

We announced our Luxe Collection, along with the Eos Superior, our most sophisticated power cables to date, at Munich High End, to considerable interest.

The Luxe Collection cables will be available from the end of June,

Sound Perfection Reviews

May 2018

Sound Perfection Reviews assess the Zeno headphone cable, conluding:

… the Zeno cables seem to fit seamlessly into any system and enhance it by bringing out subtle details better along with a more natural and effortless sound. The Zeno Cables can be described as natural, effortless and spacious without a hint of bloat or sharpness.

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HFN Editor's Choice

April 2018

Editor’s Choice Award for the Ascent Grun Speaker Cables.

HiFi News are impressed with the new generation Ascent speaker cable, concluding “…as an upgrade into the realm of top-end cables, Ascent makes a very convincing case for itself.”

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HiFi Pig Highly Recommended

April 2018

More Plaudits for the Element Integra Superior.

HiFi Pig conclude their review of the Element Integra Superior describing it as being “This is yet another great cable from Atlas. If you’re looking to take a safe step into the ‘better’ cable market this is an excellent starting point.”

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HiFi World 5 Stars

March 2018

A Superior Choice.

HiFi World summarise their review of the Element Integra Superior describing it as being “Outstanding – amongst the best.”

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HiFi & Music Source

February 2018

Further praise for our Element Superior Integra interconnect.

HiFi & Music Source take an unusual approach, comparing the Superior to both a competitor’s cable and our own top of the range Mavros!

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November 2017

Diapason d’Or award for our new Element Integra Superior interconnect.

Welcome recognition from France’s esteemed Diapason magazine.

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