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Mavros Ultra RCA

RCA interconnect cable based on the same design objectives and manufacturing techniques developed for our Asimi range, utilising copper rather than silver conductors.


The new generation Asimi now features our Grun Coherent Earthing System.

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The Mavros Ultra RCA is a high speed wide-bandwidth interconnect designed to complement the performance of ‘high-end’ audio systems by achieving maximum signal transfer.

The Mavros Ultra RCA uses the very highest quality ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) copper manufactured using the OCC ‘Ohno Continuous Cast’ technique. Cables manufactured with lower grade materials and poor manufacture typically have a coarse, grainy structure which compromises sound quality. In the manufacture of Mavros, we maximise the copper’s conductivity by ensuring that there is typically one grain in approximately 125 metres of conductor, allowing the signal a continuous unbroken path –in practice, the signal has a faster, cleaner and more direct path to follow.

The cable consists of a pair of conductors, each made up from six bundles of 12 multi-conductor wires, plus a thicker centre wire. This in turn is covered by a continuous copper/Mylar™ electrostatic screen with copper shielding braid, ensuring minimal susceptibility to RF interference and noise.

Theoretically, the best dielectric (insulation layer) is air. Conventional dielectric (insulation) materials impose their own signature distortion and loss on the signal. Our technique uses a microporous PTFE (Teflon™) tape, which is wound around the core conductors, then covered again and stabilised using a protective FPE (Flexible PolyEthylene) dielectric. This process maintains the required conductor geometry, and bestows greater manufacturing consistency. Termination is with our low mass, high bandwidth, cold-weld Ultra RCA or XLR connectors, both of which have minimal effect on the integrity of the signal.

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Technology & Specifications

Connector Type

Ultra RCA

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Conductor Material


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Dielectric Material


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Twin Multi-core

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ConstructionTwin multicore dual drain
DielectricMicroporous PTFE (Teflon™)
ScreenBraid + Mylar™, 100%
Capacitance48.92 pF/m
Inductance0.7256 µH/m
Outside Diameter9.8mm

What The Experts Say…

Recent Reviews

  • HiFi News

    Mavros Ultra RCA

    This is a supremely well-balanced cable with a standard of construction and finish to match.

    Atlas’s Asimi Ultra had already dispelled the myth that all silver cables sound ‘bright’ but the copper-infused Mavros Ultra succeeds in sounding smoother still. It helps instil a settled quietness to musical backgrounds, the system sounding free of grit and grain and yet not so luxuriant or sweet that the shimmering edge of percussion or brass is polished away.

  • HiFi World

    Mavros Ultra RCA

    The ability of the interconnect to combine speed with such composure resulted, time and again, in a stellar musical performance.

    Naturally, Atlas recommends the use of its Mavros interconnects with its Mavros speaker cable. With both in place the system took on a whole new dimension, offering greater space, depth, dynamics and fluidity. These new Mavros cables from Atlas have the uncanny ability to sound fast yet relaxed, detailed yet refined, fluid yet composed.

  • HiFi World

    Mavros Ultra RCA

    The confidence of the cables, in terms of presentation, is quite remarkable.

    What is remarkable about these cables is how much detail is presented without having to ramp up the upper mids to bright levels. The confidence of the cables, in terms of presentation, is quite remarkable.

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