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Hyper dd Ultra RCA/Ultra RCA Grun

The latest generation Hyper dd Ultra interconnect offers a sophisticated, evenly balanced sound which draws you into the musical performance. We can optionally supply a version incorporating our ‘Grun’ Coherent Earthing System.


Optimum audio performance via ‘trickle-down’ dd technology.

The conductor in the Hyper dd cable is a solid core OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) copper core surrounded by multiple bunch-stranded ‘satellite’ conductors of high purity OCC copper, The ‘speed’ characteristic of analogue cables is determined primarily by the dielectric performance of the insulator applied around the conductor, Hyper’s conductors are encapsulated within a PEF (Foamed Polyethylene) dielectric, with excellent immunity to interference and noise. Termination is via our wide-band, low-mass solder-free Ultra connectors – the fewer discontinuities in the signal path, the lower the level of signal degradation and the better the performance.

Atlas dd (‘dual drain’) system: Normally screened cables suffer from screen distortion when they are prepared for production. (If you've ever wired a plug or connector which uses a screened cable, you've done this yourself, cutting back and probably twisting the screening braid for termination). This distortion of the screen has a measurable impact, effectively changing the impedance and therefore the performance of the cable.

Our ‘dd’ configuration is based on a simplified version of the techniques we developed for our top-of-the-range Mavros and Asimi interconnects. Twin symmetrical drain wires (each attached to 180° segments of the plug) are inserted between a 100% copper/Mylar™ foil and screen. The unique dd system connects the screen effectively to the cable return/plug interface, meaning the cable can be terminated without distorting, twisting or mechanically stressing the precision-laid screen. The benefits are in maintaining a consistent low impedance load to the plug, and a total 360° screening against noise and signal loss caused by RFI (Radio Frequency Interference).

The Hyper range includes a DIN &XLR termination options, digital interconnects plus single and bi-wire speaker cables.

hyper dd grun & adapter


Coherent Earthing System.

An independent system earth engineered to reduce the RFI and EMI ‘noise’ which frequently degrades audio performance.

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Technology & Specifications

Connector Type

Ultra RCA

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Conductor Material

OCC Copper

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Dielectric Material


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Twin-screened twisted pair

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ConstructionTwin twisted pair multicore, dual drain
Material6n OCC Copper
Screen(dual drain) OFC 94.2% – 252 strands
Capacitance71.54 pF/m
Inductance0.542 µH/m
Resistance0.0239 Ohms/m
Outside Diameter10.0mm

What The Experts Say…

Recent Reviews

  • Diapason

    Hyper DD Ultra RCA

    Following on from our win in 2017 for the Element Superior, the Hyper DD Ultra RCA wins France’s Premier award the Diapason D’OR 2019 in the ‘Cables & Accessories’ category.

  • HiFi World

    Hyper dd Ultra RCA

    Outstanding – amongst the best. It’s not what the Atlas interconnects are adding to the music but more the fact that they are taking nothing away. Tonally they are neutral so no grain or smear is added to the replay chain.

    A basically transparent interconnect which presents instruments in a realistic fashion and never restricts the tempo of music. Add in excellent detail resolution and the Atlas should go to the top of anyone’s list at this price.

  • HiFi News

    Hyper Ultra RCA

    Our listeners were instantly impressed with the clarity.

    …the dream-like sound picture of Madonna’s Frozen was tremendously vivid with the Atlas Hyper.

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