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Ascent BNC

The Atlas Ascent BNC 75 Ohm SP-DIF digital cable offers a considerable insight into the state-of-the-art performance of our ‘high-end ’Mavros interconnect at a very reasonable price. The newest member of the Atlas family, Ascent was designed to be technically and sonically superior to other interconnect cables currently available at similar prices.

Designed to maintain a true 75 Ohm impedance.

The central conductor is made from OCC copper which is insulated by an extremely low-loss PEF (Foamed Polyethylene) dielectric. The tightly woven wire mesh together with an aluminium outer foil provides 100% rejection of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) ensuring the music signal is free from any external interference or noise. The cable is covered by a soft PVC sleeve and finished in a grey woven fabric.

The Ascent BNC digital cable is normally terminated with an Ultra RCA plug at the source end and a BNC plug at the ‘receiving’ end, but can be specified with BNC connectors at both ends if required. BNC connections are generally with regard to impedance matching, so are preferred if available on your equipment, providing a continuous path for the signal virtually free of the discontinuities which can degrade the music signal. This is particularly important in a digital cable, connectors which compress the cable can actually alter the cable’s impedance, which drops below the 75 Ohm specification, typically by up to 50%, reducing accuracy of the signal transfer.

Technology & Specifications

Connector Type

BNC Connector

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Conductor Material


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Dielectric Material


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DielectricPEF (Foamed Polyethylene)
ScreenBraid OFC with Al Mylar,™ 100%
Capacitance59.37 pF/m
Inductance0.473 µH/m
Resistance0.7311 Ohms/m
Impedance73.11 Ohms at (1MHz)
Outside Diameter8.5mm

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