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Ascent XLR

A symmetrical wide-band, dynamic interconnect, designed to be an high performance choice for balanced system configurations.

Our bespoke LUXE finish options are available on this product,

Ascent XLR offers superb performance with true ‘high-end’ levels of transparency.

Atlas use cold-weld terminations wherever possible, including our current generation ‘dark Chrome’ XLR connectors. By reducing the number of materials and break points in the signal path, our objective is to minimise discontinuity and loss in the signal path, resulting in more consistent construction and improved audio performance.

NB. Atlas XLR plugs are wired as follows by default:
Pin 1 = Ground; Pin 2 = Hot, Pin 3 = Cold. If you require a different configuration, please contact us. Always check with your equipment manufacturer’s instructions before ordering.

Technology & Specifications

Connector Type


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Conductor Material


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Dielectric Material


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Twin Multi-core

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ConstructionTwin multicore plus screen
ScreenBraid + Mylar™, 100%
Capacitance98.45 pF/m
Inductance0.562 µH/m
Resistance0.0288 Ohm/m
Outside Diameter9

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  • HiFi News

    Ascent XLR

    Build quality is first-rate, such that it’s a shame to hide these Ascent cables behind your equipment rack.

    They’re expensive of course, hence the company putting its new Ascent range in its ‘reference series.’ But if your system is worthy, these cables should ensure you’re getting the most from each component.

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