Luxe. A new generation of ‘high-end’ products in a range of bespoke luxury finishes from Atlas.

Our exclusive combination of precision audio engineering & traditional leather craftsmanship.

Designed and hand-made in Scotland.


Asimi Luxe.

Our top of the range OCC solid silver Asimi cables are now supplied as standard in one of four Luxe options.

Luxe is available as an option on Mavros and Eos Superior cables.

A bespoke experience.

Our core engineering ethos dictates that form should follow function, but with the Luxe Collection we wanted to create something which not only performs superbly, but possesses a visual and tactile quality which together create a durable, distinctive ‘heritage’ product.

For inspiration we turned to the luxury automobile industry, where the combination of advanced technology, precision engineering and luxury fit and finish have long found expression. To create our Luxe Collection products, we’ve partnered with a world-renowned Scottish specialist in hand-crafted automotive & aerospace interiors.

Luxe Colour Options

Four standard leather colours plus optional finishes available in contrasting or ‘self colour’ stitching options. The gallery below includes some of the options we’ve already produced to order.

We also offer a ‘bespoke’ service – we can supply any colour you desire matched to, for example, a RAL or Pantone reference.

True beauty is more than skin deep.

The Luxe finish which is standard on our Asimi cables is allied with superb quality materials and meticulous construction to achieve the highest performance standards.

HiFi World magazine’ John Myles reviewed the Asimi Luxe Grun interconnects and speaker cables, concluding:

The Atlas Asimis are expensive but they are superbly constructed and, most importantly, have a gravitas few others can match.They impose little of their own character on the system and allow the music to flow freely.

The bespoke leather sheath is also something not seen elsewhere and adds to the luxury feel. Plug these into your system and you will definitely hear a difference.

Paul Miller at HiFi News magazine reviewed the Asimi Luxe Grun speaker cables, summarising:

While many exotic cables will illuminate the musical soundstage, Atlas’s Asimi Luxe is far subtler.

But as the pricing suggests, this is a cable demanding of superlative systems, assembled and tweaked as far as you can take them.

Luxury presentation packaging & accessories.

Each Luxe product is supplied in our luxury custom-made box, with an information booklet – which includes our signed Certificate of Authenticity – an accessories pouch and a Grun cable with spade tag adapter, for use as part of our Grun Coherent Earthing System.


Eos Superior Luxe.

Our top of the range Eos Superior OCC power cables are are optionally available in our Luxe hand-stitched Nappa leather finishes.

Eos Superior cables are available with UK 13A, Nema and Schuko plugs.

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