Luxe. A new generation of ‘high-end’ products in a range of bespoke luxury finishes from Atlas.


Our exclusive combination of precision audio engineering & traditional leather craftsmanship.

Our top of the range OCC solid silver Asimi cables are now supplied as standard in one of standard 4 Luxe options.

Asimi Ultra RCA Luxe

In cross-stitch ‘Brogue’ finish.

Asimi RCA

A bespoke experience.

Our hand-made Luxe Collection products are designed to provide a distinctive combination of performance, luxury and pride of ownership.

Atlas has gained an enviable reputation for the excellence of our product ranges, the previous generation Asimi cables being widely acclaimed by the specialist audio press as among the best available at any price.

Asimi Luxe Speaker Cable

In cross-stitch ‘Daytona Red’ finish.

Asimi Speaker


A bespoke experience.

Our core engineering ethos dictates that form should follow function, but with the Luxe Collection we wanted to create something which not only performs superbly, but possesses a visual and tactile quality which together create a durable, distinctive ‘heritage’ product.

For inspiration we turned to the luxury automobile industry, where the combination of advanced technology, precision engineering and luxury fit and finish have long found expression. To create our Luxe Collection products, we’ve partnered with a world-renowned Scottish specialist in hand-crafted automotive & aerospace interiors.

Asimi Ultra XLR

In cross-stitch ‘Ebony’ finish.

Asimi XLR

Luxe Colour/Stitch Options

4 leather colour options/2 stitch style options plus ‘bespoke’ finishes available..

Daytona Red
Cross Stitch
Baseball Stitch

Baseball stitch is not available in interconnect cables.

Luxe Options

Atlas Luxe is available in four standard Nappa leather finishes on interconnects & speaker cables from our Mavros and Ascent ranges.

Eos Superior Luxe

Our top of the range Eos Superior OCC power cables are are optionally available in one of 4 Luxe hand-stitched Nappa leather finishes.

Eos Superior Luxe Options

Eos Superior cables are available with our precision-tooled UK 13A, Nema and Schuko plugs.

Eos Superior

the performance connection

Atlas is first and foremost an engineering company, so in designing our products, we not only listen very carefully, we test, measure and test again. Find out more via the links below.

the performance connection