Modular Power Management System

The importance of clean power.

We live in an extremely polluted environment in electrical terms – mobile phones, computers, appliances and even our hifi/AV systems themselves all contribute RF (radio frequency) and EMI (electro-magnetic interference). These all create ‘noise’ which adversely affects the performance of your equipment.

Generally, this electronic hash is only noticeable when removed – sounds appear better defined, more stable and natural etc. Ensuring a clean power supply is a fundamental step in removing noise and optimising performance, which is why we’ve created the Eos Modular Power Management System, comprising a mains block offering either unfiltered or a combination of filtered/unfiltered sockets (for different equipment types) and a series of power cables.

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HiFi Choice magazine tested the Eos power block and commented

High frequencies were also superb, with sparkle, smoothness and air to all music used – violins, percussion and vocals came out very well, as did the ability to discern complex arrangements within classical music. Expensive, but effective.

Power Distribution

Atlas Eos Modular 4.0 power distribution mains blocks–provides unfiltered socketry for products with high dynamic current demands, e.g. large power amplifiers, while optional filtered sockets are optimised for source components, pre-amps and smaller/integrated amps. Standard configurations are 6 unfiltered sockets or 3 unfiltered/3 filtered. Different combinations of sockets can be configured to meet your system needs.

Power Cables

Atlas offers 4mm² and 2mm² mains cables –these are identically constructed using the same conductor, dielectric and screening quality. Use the Eos 4dd 4mm² version for higher power devices.

We strongly recommend that you use an Eos 4dd cable from the wall socket to the IEC input of the distribution unit (matching the internal wiring), then select individual cables according to your system configuration.

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Eos Modular Power Management System

The Eos Power Management System has been designed to let you hear what your system’s really capable of. Eos cables and distribution blocks are available in UK 13A, Schuko & Nema variants.

Your local Atlas dealer/distributor will normally supply Eos products with the appropriate plugs for your country. At the equipment end of the power cable, options are 10A (standard ‘kettle-type’ connector used on most equipment) & 16A (high current, larger format connector) IEC and C7 (‘figure of 8’ connector).
Please specify which type of connector you require on purchase.

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