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Introducing the Atlas ‘High V’ concept : Velocity of Propagation (VOP)

High V Concept

In theory, the perfect cable would simply comprise a pair of pure conductors in free air, although in practice the conductors need to be covered by an insulating material to prevent the two wires from ‘shorting’ together and to protect against corrosion.

But our research revealed that this essential insulator effectively adds unwanted capacitance (read ‘resistance’) which slows down the speed (Velocity of Propagation) at which delicate audio signals pass through the cable. While the measured effect is very small, the audible benefits with ultra-low levels of capacitance are very apparent, as listening tests reveal.

Achieving this meant Atlas first devising the means to measure VOP accurately, then developing a completely new dielectric material we believe to be the world’s most advanced, first introduced in our Mavros and Asimi ‘High V’ analogue interconnects and speaker cables.

Download the ‘High V’Technical Paper on signal velocity.


Asimi Technical Paper

Our Asimi products have gathered awards and superb reviews since its introduction. For those who’d like to know more about the technology behind these cables, we have a Technical Paper on the Asimi, Mavros and Teflon.


Eos Technical Paper

Our Eos Power Management System is designed to address the fact we live in an electrically extremely noisy world. To find out more more about the technology behind these products, we have a Technical Paper on the Eos power cables and modular distribution block.


General Technical Paper : The ‘DNA’ of Atlas products.

Why do some cables clearly perform better than others? It’s a complex issue. To give you some insight into the design &engineering parameters we consider important, we have a general Technical Paper on the DNA of Atlas products.

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