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Grun Adapters.

For use with Atlas Grun Coherent Earthing System

Grun Adapters. Available in 1:1 and 1:2 configurations with spade or female connectors. See below for configuration options.



connected to spare RCA input via Grun RCA – female adapter

earth via ground adapter

Independent Ground

Grun adapter connected via amplifier ground tag or Eos Modular 4.0 ground

earth via power adapter

Independent Ground

Grun cables connected via power adapter to system ground

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Grun Mains Adapters

For use with Atlas Grun Coherent Earthing System

Available with UK 13A, Nema or Schuko plugs. See below for configuration options.

power adapters

Grun power adapters are available in Nema, Schuko & UK 13A versions.

Your local Atlas dealer/distributor will normally supply Grun power adapters with the appropriate plugs for your country.

The Eos Modular 4.0 distribution block has an additional ground post designed to accept a Grun spade adapter. Alternatively. a Grun power adapter may be utilised in a spare socket on your mains block.

eos modular mains block

Grun Coherent Earthing System

Compatible with Asimi Ultra and Mavros Ultra RCA analogue interconnects.

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