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Equator 2.0 Speaker Cable

Product Information

The Atlas Equator 2.0 provides for most system types. It is available as a 2 sq mm cable or in the form of a bi-wire Equator cable using 2.sq mm for the bass and two conductors of 1.2 sq mm for the treble. Unlike its less expensive siblings, the Equator series use a polypropylene dielectric thats far more efficient than PVC or polyethylene, and which gives greater signal velocity or speed thereby maintaining improved phase stability. The conductors are contained in a cotton yarn in order to reduce microphony and the outer sheath is in a tasteful pearl white finish.

The Equator cables give an assured fatigue free performance with extended and sweet treble and a satisfying bass. Altogether these cables offer an effortless sound that provides a holographic sound stage with stereo width, height and depth that involve the listener. Buy the 2.0 sq mm for a good balanced system.

The Equator 2.0 can be terminated with Z-Plugs as well as OFC Spades.

AWG equivalence table.

Complementary products

Complementary products are the internationally renowned Equator Integra interconnect, the Equator Bi-Wire cable for tri-wiring together with the Equator 2.0 and Atlas Z plugs or OFC spades.

Recommended accessories

Recommended accessories for even better results are the Atlas Eos power cables with Eos modular power management system.

Removal of the brass links between HF and LF terminals typically provided on speakers, and their replacement with better quality Atlas links will also contribute to much improved sound and listening pleasure.

DNA of Atlas Audio Cables

The Atlas range of products has gathered ‘five star’ awards and superb reviews since its introduction.

For those who’d like to know more about the technology behind these cables, we have a technical document DNA of Atlas audio products.

Help line

For more information and advice, call us on 0800 731 1140 (UK only) or + 44 (0) 1563 572666, or e-mail us.

Tell me why should I buy Atlas cables?

Read more about the design and manufacture of Atlas cables.

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Product Specifications:
Construction : 7x36/0.10
Conductor Material : OFC
Screen : None
Dielectric : Foamed PE
Outer Diameter : 8.5mm
Connector : Z-Plug or OFC Spade
Available Lengths
Lengths :

100m Reel or Custom Lengths

Technical Data
Capacitance (pF/m) : 70.51
Resistance (Ohms/m) : 0.0094
Inductance (µH/m) : 0.816
Velocity of propagation : 0.73
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