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Atlas. Designed and engineered in Scotland.

Performance is everything. In search of outstanding performance from entry level to ‘high-end,’ we research, test, measure and listen. Many of our products have gathered extensive praise and multiple awards over the years, becoming best-sellers around the world. We continually refine our design and manufacturing processes, always looking for ways to make sure our customers get the best possible performance from their systems.

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Latest News Updates

Mavros SE

December 2016

Mavros Ultra SE (Special Edition)

Our most successful ‘high-end’ cable, with outstanding reviews around the world since its launch, and now a HFN award.
To celebrate, we’ve created the Mavros SE, with gold-plated Ultra connectors. Only 50 sets available, ask your dealer for details.

HFN Editor's Choice

October 2016

HiFi News Yearbook ‘Best of 2016’ listing for Mavros Ultra RCA/XLR.

A ‘Product of the Year’ Award for Mavros following Paul Miller’s March review which described the Ultra RCA/XLR as being “a supremely well-balanced cable with a standard of construction and finish to match.”

HFN review

HiFi Choice

May 2016

HiFi Choice reviews the new Zeno headphone cable, concluding…

“This is a serious upgrade for the discerning headphone listener..”

HiFi Choice review

HiFi Pig

April 2016

HiFi Pig tests a complete Atlas ‘loom’ and seems especially keen on the Equator Integra, commenting…

“It stands up to cables costing five times or more the price. It wipes the floor with any budget cables.”

HiFi Pig review

Atlas design and manufacture in the UK.

Our engineering expertise is applied not just to making better products, but ensuring our products are superbly made, in the UK.

Most of our cables use our latest generation ‘cold-weld’ connectors, which optimises the cable assembly process, producing consistent, metal-to-metal airtight terminations. The result is superb performance and greater reliability, in turn supported by our 5 year guarantee. To complement our existing ‘Integra’ and ‘Ultra’ low mass/wideband phono plugs, we’ve recently introduced our ‘Metik’ connectors on a new range of cables developed for high-end personal audio devices and our ‘Transpose’ modular termination system for speaker cables.

The same thought, research and attention to detail is applied to every Atlas product.

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